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Hail Damage Assessment

Hailstorms have become a frequent visitor to the Greater Charlotte Area and when they come they love to leave their mark all over your roof and its components.

When assessing a roof for hail damage, it’s critical to be able to differentiate damage from hail and damage from natural weathering. Additionally, damage during construction, transportation as well as manufacturing defects can often resemble damage from hail.

Our elite inspectors have the training and experience to classify hail and its damage.

// Roof Assessment

Free Assessment

Here at the Roof Medic we take our time to ensure that your roof receives the time it deserves, so that we can properly assess all slopes and ensure that all damage related to the event is found and properly noted.

  • a FREE assessment of your roof and its condition
  • a FREE photographic report detailing all weather damage, defects and builder’s issues
  • a FREE NOAA certified weather report, examining the storm history of your exact location
  • a FREE consultation discussing whether is necessary to move forward with The Roof Medic repairing or replacing your roof

What if claimable damage is found?

With our tactical approach to the claims process, The Roof Medic is capable of initiating your claim with you or for you. Each insurance company has its own requirements for damage approval. The Roof Medic is vetted in the industry and has a great amount of knowledge of each specific insurance company’s requirements. We will be by your side the entire process, from initiating a claim to meeting with your adjuster to building your roof! 

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Over the past few years, Charlotte seems to have become a mecca for Hail storms. If you’re worried you might have storm damage or would just like a seasonal inspection to make sure your roof is still in good shape, please don’t hesitate to have your roof inspected.