Pre-Sale Roof Inspection

Trying to sell your home? or are you trying to buy a new home? Have you already had a home inspector come out and inform you that you have roof issues?

Though our inspections and assessments are Free for our homeowners, we do have a small fee for Pre-Sale homes.

Why have a fee?

The reason for this $350.00 fee is due to this being a professional service that will be used to help determine the final price of your home or just as easily give bargaining power to the buyer.

Didn’t my home inspector get on my roof?

Typically, home inspectors do NOT get on your roof. They typically take notes from the top of their ladder. Because of this, there is no way for their inspection to be 100% complete of your home.

In the case that they do get on your roof, rarely do inspectors have the in-depth knowledge to fully understand the integrity of your current roofing system, or know if you have claimable damage under your insurance policy.